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https://www.musik-produktiv.com/no/dbx-driverack-pa2.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAybaRBhDtARIsAIEG3km4r_OOXtGTc8B3-XHlF8e659kLNBoPWkWQOlvp8ojXTC_b41Rtq6kaAkDcEALw_wcB dbx DriveRack PA2 · Speaker

Management The DriveRack PA2 is a powerful loudspeaker management system in a 19″ rack unit. There is a Wizard function that guides the user in a logical sequence through the configuration steps, and there are preconfigured setups, for example, JBL speakers and Crown amplifiers, in which all important parameters, such as equalization, level and dynamics adjustment are already set. the user thus saving a lot of setup time. In addition, the DriveRack PA2 has an Auto-EQ with integrated real-time analyzer and the parametric 8 band EQ automatic speaker / room adjustment. The input for the measurement microphone (with 48V phantom power) and a pink noise generator enable accurate room calibration. The integrated feedback suppression: unwanted sound changes when setting multiple filters can be prevented by the extremely narrow 1/80 October Notch Filter. The control sofware on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS, a 31-band stereo graphic equalizer, the parametric 8 band EQ, classic dbx compressor, crossover, PeakStop Limiter and Subharmonic synthesizer optimize the capabilities of the DriveRack PA2. Despite this comprehensive technical equipment, all parameters with the graphical user interface can be processed quickly and securely and remotely via software. The 24 bit and 24 bit Type IV AD converters offer a dynamic range of 110 dB.